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Whether walking or pedaling, it’s an opportunity to get a look the landscape.

Discovering the region means understanding the mark of the past, its cultural heritage, and the transformations it has undergone. Where we come from, where we have come to.

What is the Via Augusta Penedès?

Legionnaires, traders, peasants, civil servants, townspeople… over the years, all of them have followed the 1500 km of this ancient route, which ran from Cadiz to the Pyrenees, linking the peninsula with the capital of the empire, the powerful city of Rome. It was one of the networks of roads—80,000 km of them— that crisscrossed the empire, from the Sahara to Asia.

Known before the rise of Rome as the Via Heraclea, the course of the Via Augusta followed that of an old Iberian path, which Roman soldiers made into a road in the 2nd century BCE.

Whether on foot, in litters, on animals, or in carts, between one city and another, travelers found inns and stops to feed their horses and repair their carts.

The Penedès has recreated the route of the Via Augusta as it ran through the county, to make it a way that allows one to discover the region as it is: a landscape full of paths, cattle crossings, and byways that make up a mosaic of vineyards that change colors with the seasons.


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